Projects in the Works


A pre programmed space balloon kit to be offered to individuals, labs, and school groups


  • Building and programming a tracking and receiving system- capable of running on public radio band, enabling a payload to be traced through its journey to the stratosphere and back
  • System transmits telemetry: latitude, longitude, temperature, humidity, altitude, and speed
  • Logs images
  • Customized circuit board
  • Complete with 300 gram latex balloon expected to travel 100,000 feet.

Homebuilt Rocket

  • Building a rocket that will travel 10,000ft into the air and transmit live data
  • Transmits data at 100 samples a second
  • Homebuilt rocket engine including the fuel
  • Currently perfecting the engine

Circumnavigating the Globe by Balloon

  • Building my own tracking board to travel around the world by balloon
  • Sends live data back to APRS ground stations which are then repeated to the internet
  • Currently trying to get the cost of production down to $20 a board
  • Will launch multiple balloons an hour apart to collect data and see where they all end up

Surface Mounting for Circuit Boards

  • Assembling my own micro circuit boards
  • Soldering pieces that are as tiny as the width of your hair, requiring a microscope
  • Learning to program microchips using an isp programmer and arduino bootloader